Midcoast School Of Music offers personalized lesson plans and one-on-one instruction with some of the finest musicians in New England, focusing on mechanics, theory, and performance. Below, you’ll see the instructors available for drum lessons and have a chance to learn more about them. For more information regarding available lesson times at our Portland campus, please click on the "Contact" button.

Chris Marro

Chris is the co-founder and co-owner of Midcoast School of Music. He is currently the Director of Percussion Cape Elizabeth school department in addition he maintains a sizable roster of private students. He plays in and manages a much in-demand nine piece band (Retrospecticus) as well as working with other artists and bands as a sought-after drummer and sideman. Chris holds a B.A. from the University of Southern Maine and has been a music educator for over fifteen years. Chris has worked with thousands of students, becoming one of the most in-demand private drumset instructors in Maine. Chris’ teaching philosophy centers on connecting with students in a way that makes music fun and enjoyable. At the same time strong emphasis is placed on the importance of fundamentals for all students whether they aspire to play professionally or for personal enjoyment and recreation. Students become proficient in music literacy, rudimental drumming, musical form, improvisation as well as multi stylistic approaches including rock, jazz, latin, funk, hip hop, R&B, popular music and more.

Chris Wilkes

Born and raised in North Carolina, Chris Wilkes’ first instrument was the trumpet in 3rd grade. During Christmas of 1993, Chris was exposed to the drums. “My brother got a drum-set for Christmas. When he wasn’t around, I would go into his room and try to emulate what I heard him practicing.  Eventually, he handed the kit over to me after realizing drums were not for him. Needless to say I was ecstatic with that decision!” Chris performed in a few bands during high school that kept him busy around Raleigh. By 1998 he had become known as a solid drummer with great feel and execution. For the next five years Chris performed and recorded locally. In 2003, Chris was ready for a change and decided to move to Atlanta for broader musical opportunities. In 2004, Chris decided to enroll at the Atlanta Institute of Music to further his studies of the drums. He graduated with honors in 2006 and  since graduation has excelled in his craft and profession. In Atlanta he taught 40+ students a week, played in several Atlanta bands, and was the first-call for several studios in the Atlanta area. In August of 2011, Chris and his wife Julie moved to beautiful Portland, Maine and started a new chapter in their lives. Since his arrival, Chris has continued to grow as a musician and continues to perform, record, and offer great drum lessons.

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